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     Υπάρχει μια στολή ...

     Με ποιότητα κατασκευής
     και αντοχή 



     There is a diving wetsuit ..

     With quality
     and durability 

      Χειροποίητες στολές 100 % ...
      Κατασκευασμένες στην Ελλάδα

100% handmade diving wetsuits...
Made in Greece

Neoprene Certification

Neoprene Certification


Quality assurance

We import neoprene sheets from international suppliers that have ISO certification. Which meet all the conditions for there to be a quality assurance throughout the production process of the products ... See more ......

Measurement scheme

Measurement scheme


For Perfect Application

In the measurement scheme you can distinguish 21 points which represent 21 different areas of the body and also Height and Weight. With a measuring tape, measure the points on your body, one by one ... See more ...


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