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The Craft

 PESCA SUB is a purely Greek craft, manufacturing wetsuits for watersports made from Neoprene , operating since 1995.

Putting strict priority to the quality of materials, the correct use and a perfect fit for every body type,we can cover the gap in the market created by the industrialized mass production of wetsuits.

By knowing the different needs of each wetsuit owner depending on the activity the product to be used (snorkeling, scuba diving freediving, watersports, etc.) we choose the correct material from our respective specialized Neoprene sheets manufacturers. 

Our experience has shown great importance to the correct choice of adhesive and proper application, so we installed in our industry air conditioning system s that it provides the required temperature and humidity, regardless of the weather. 

We have all the necessary set of specialized machinery equipment (sewing machines, cutting systems, heat presses, presses mounting grommets etc.) and we use threads, rails and thermoadhensives suitably selected and special ordered, wich we import ourselves, for complete results.

We manufacture our uniforms, having the expertise required, but also patience and the passion it takes to make it 
into the final quality control we require for our products as a result we can offer, genuine warranty and of course a possibility of further repairs if needed.

We have a full range of designs, materials and sizes but mainly the ability to create wetsuits '' tailored " to any specificities or needs may exist. 

We remain at your disposal, always willing to listen and to offer the best we can, dedicated to what we have chosen to do.



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Pesca Sub - Coralline Club
Address :
Petrou Ralli 340 & Kyprou 76 ,
Nikaia , Attiki .
Postal code : 18453 , GREECE .

Tel.          210 4935 722
Fax          210 4935 734
Mobile      694 7846 991
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