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Measurement form

The plan - In the  Meter certificates   (measurement form) you can see 21 points representing 21 different areas of the body as well as Height and Weight. 

With a tape measure, measure the parameters one by one on  your body  as you plan indicates.
The measurement results should be applied at the corresponding  fields at the form.
You should fill also your height , weight and shoe size if you want socks also.

1.   Measures should be taken with shorts and shirt.
2.   The tape measure should wrap your body tightly.
3.   At the measurement form the fiels 4* is about the wetsuits for females and the
      measurement shoyld be taken at the chest above axilla.
4.   Any anatomical peculiarities reported in the " comments "
5.   Front, side and back full photos will help a lot and should be e-mailed.

Fill the necessary and all other information presented in the form. In the field  description  do not forget to fill in the  product description το to the corresponding table. Anything else should be reffered at the field  comments.

If the size you send to us do not coincide with any of our standard sizes, we can make your own unique wetsuit , charging the following amounts :

For jacket 25 €, for Long John 25 €, for pants 20 €, for monosort 25€, and for short or  vest  15 €.

Sizes larger than XXL incur the additional material to be used (125kg+ 1.95cm+).
In occasion of wetsuits with particular degree of difficulty, the price is fixed after communication.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any specification needed.
After the reception of the measurement form we will contact you for further information and agreements , and delivery dates.

Point 1
Point 2
Point 3
Point 4
Point 4*
Point 5
Point 6
Point 7
Point 8
Point 9
Point 10
Point 11
Point 12
Point 13
Point 14
Point 15
Point 16
Point 17
Point 18
Point 19
Point 20
Point 21
Height (in cm)
Weight (in Kg)
Shoe size
Desireable fit
Full Name


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